The Den: A Psychological Horror novel (Full Moon Trilogy Book 2) / Matt Shaw

In Matt Shaw's FULL MOON, a group of strangers were invited to take part in a midnight run in exchange for a life-changing sum of money if they completed it... Or rather, if they survived it...

... Today is a new day. Those who lived to see the sun rise realise that their lives will never be the same again, nor will they ever be free from this nightmare to spend the cash they'd managed to win. All they can do now is follow the instructions, that their new masters give, while they try and figure a way of escaping the den. Without knowing who, or what, they're really dealing with - the only thing they're sure of is that they need to get out before the next Full Moon.

About the author:
Matt Shaw is the published author, and film director, of over 200 stories including his infamous black cover range of extreme horrors. In those titles he is known for pushing boundaries and has been nominated for multiple awards within the "splatterpunk" genre but do not be fooled - Shaw isn't only capable of writing the extremes. His dark psychological horrors are known for getting under the skin of the readers, causing both sleepless nights and restless dreams...

“There is a ferocity about Matt Shaw's writing that is both welcome and also necessary when it comes to horror.” - Shaun Hutson, author of "Slugs"
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