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Bridget’s son is struggling to make the roster for the local minor-league baseball team. Kelsi, the team’s overworked trainer and assistant, has an idea. If Bridget would be willing to volunteer to help the Cougars, they just might be able to pull a few strings and get Jeremy a spot on the roster.

Bridget eagerly agrees, signing the contract without a second thought and accepting the role. It’s a win-win scenario. She’ll be there to cheer on her son — not to mention the opportunity to flirt with a few young, sexy athletes. At thirty-seven, curvy Bridget still has it “going on,” although her online dating profile hasn’t seen much action lately.

Opening Day arrives. As expected, the new Team Mom fields her share of ogles and innuendos. At one point, she even overhears a rather explicit conversation between two of the players, with her as the topic. Boys being boys.

But then, there’s Jeff. Second baseman, team MVP… talented, confident… and sexy. He shows up at Bridget’s house soon after the game, and things quickly get hot and heavy. The next day, after another victory, Jeff shows up again for an even steamier encore in the Team Mom’s shower.

Bridget — or “BJ,” as she’s now been nicknamed — is quickly realizing that her new “duties” consist of more than handing out Gatorade and tallying scorecards. As Team Mom, she’s also expected to maintain team morale — at all costs. Does BJ have what it takes to motivate the Cougars to the championship?
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