Flight of Angels (Elioud Chronicles Book 2) / Dulce Amor Soriano, Jocelyn Soriano

Book Cover Flight of Angels (Elioud Chronicles Book 2)
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/ Dulce Amor Soriano, Jocelyn Soriano
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In this Twilight meets X-Men young adult urban fantasy romance novel, how can teenage romance and friendship bloom in a world full of paranormal chaos and a looming zombie apocalypse?

FRIENDS— That’s what Hope Danielles, a dorky teen orphan, always wanted to have, and thought she had finally found, after a stroke of destiny led her to meet Ash (a mysterious guy with black and white wings), Dria (a royal vampire) and Liekos (a lone werewolf) — all of whom are part-angel, part-human beings called eliouds, just like her.

Brought together by an unfortunate series of events that placed their lives in peril, Hope, Ash, Dria and Liekos decided to work together to unlock the mystery of who was behind all those attacks. To do so, they had to go invisible as they investigate the only lead they have — a certain Colonel who led the attempted werewolf massacre of the Gray pack. But as they dig deeper in order to put the puzzle pieces together, they uncover not only a trail of breadcrumbs that lead to something much bigger than they thought, but they also unravel the secret feelings they seem to have for one another. Will their hidden emotions hinder them from becoming an effective team? Can the circumstances that brought them together even possibly nurture friendships? Will they be able to overcome their differences and feelings for the sake of others who need their help?

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