How to Unlock the Gate of Faith: Unlocking Deep Secret Keys and Mysteries in the Word / HENRY APPIAHKORANG DUODU

Book Cover How to Unlock the Gate of Faith: Unlocking Deep Secret Keys and Mysteries in the Word
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We cannot live in this world without faith because the world is full of deception, wickedness, and fantasies. Before mankind can experience freedom, he needs the key of faith to enable him to break through the storms of life. Challenges, Calamities and Joy may feature in our journey of life because the future lies in the hands of these two kingdoms. These two kingdoms respond to our commands because God has delegated His power to us (See Luke 10:19).
Those who are not born again (those who have not accepted Jesus Christ in their heart and confessed with their tongue that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Saviour) belongs to the Kingdom of Darkness and those washed in the blood of Jesus Christ belongs to the Kingdom of Light.
These two kingdoms play a vital role in the spiritual, soulish and earthly realm of mankind and spiritual forces. One of the strong weapons to break the calamities and wickedness of the dark kingdom is to apply the key of faith (Word).
•Expect nothing from God if you don’t act in faith.
•The Dark Kingdom will continue to oppress you if you don’t act in faith.
•The Kingdom of Light cannot help you if you don’t act in faith.
•You will face injustice if you don’t act in faith.
•The world will become a place of hopelessness if you don’t act in faith.
Whatever happens to a man is as a result of faith because God has given us our free will (See Luke 10:19, Genesis 1:21-30). Failure to exercise this invisible power (faith) denies God’s help in your life. In this book, I have dug deeper into faith, how we can tap into the spirit of faith and exercise our faith. Great lessons, keys, and revelations are hidden in this book.
Connect with me in spirit as we connect with the Holy Spirit. Place the Word (Holy Bible) by your side before you start with my book because you need to verify some deep truth from this book. The Holy Spirit will speak to you through this book because He commanded me to write this book to enable you to advance to the next level in the spirit.

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