So Wrong It's Right (Love in Brazen Bay Book 3) / Brill Harper

What would you do if the boyfriend you totally made up to get your sister off your back showed up at your place of employment?

Free-spirited Stella Stone has always been the wild child in her family, but even she is surprised at the amount of trouble she's found herself in this time.

Christopher Lockwood was a random name she chose from the internet. How was she supposed to know he would end taking a temporary position in the veterinary office she manages? Now she somehow has to keep the uptight, tie-wearing, self-contained Christopher from figuring out that the whole town thinks they are dating, and somehow also keep the whole town from figuring out she's a pathetic liar with a fake boyfriend.

Oh, and it doesn't help that he's a major hottie under those Clark Kent glasses and stern demeanor. In fact, something about his need for control brings out Stella's inner brat, especially when he decides she needs a little discipline.

Too bad there's no such thing as a secret in Brazen Bay. Not for very long.

Author's Confession: This is the most opposite-y opposites attract book ever with added fake relationship crack. Stella is a fan favorite and Christopher is the Alpha Nerd Hero you didn't know you needed in your life. You are going to love the surprisingly dirty dude under the restrained and inhibited mask he shows the world. I mean unf, am I right? He's the only one who could keep up with our deliciously nutty Stella and give her a worthy HEA. 

*Previously published but no longer available by Brill under a different pen name with expanded content and new characters.

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