KALE: Texas Kings MC / Cee Bowerman

Kale Forrester is content with the life he has. His brothers, both from his blood family and his club family, are all he needs. Known as a ruthless man, he enjoys the solitude that reputation gives him.

When Kale's best friend Zeke finds the woman of his dreams, Kale realizes there is something missing in his life. Restless, with thoughts of a lonely future, he begins writing to a woman he has never met.

Through months of contact only through the written word, Kale exposes parts of himself that he hasn’t shown any woman before. Without ever having seen her face he realizes that she could be the one he needs to complete his life. The only one who can fight the loneliness he has imposed on himself for all these years.

Terra Sharp has been alone in a crowd for over ten years. Recently reconnected with her best friend, Terra finds hope in her future. When she’s encouraged by her friend to write letters to a complete stranger it is easy to let herself go and give him an inside look at her fears, her hopes and her dreams. She soon lives to see his writing on paper, giving her a new glimpse into his exciting and sometimes dangerous lifestyle.

Once the two meet in person, the sparks fly and neither try to fight how they feel when they are together.

Unforeseen events pull Terra farther into Kale’s world than he ever wanted her to go. After they fight to get through danger, drama and death will their bond be enough to hold them together?

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