The Daring Escape (Runaway Regency Brides Book 2) / Regina Darcy


Regina Darcy's Runaway Brides series burns leaves you breathless as opposites attract in the most unlikely circumstances...

The Marquess of Dennington, Michael Danton , is not looking to tie the proverbial knot. He watches with cynical amusement as his dearest friends succumb to the marital status. He would rather focus on a decent sword fight, good wine and an even better mistress. But all of that is about to change when he sets his eyes on Honora Westing. Pity she happens to be the runaway bride of a duke. One with a foreboding reputation and a temper to boot.

Lady Honora Westing is a diamond of first water and she is about to get married to a duke! Pity this particular duke hides a secret that has her running for the hills. Through a chance encounter she manages to come under the protection of the Marquess of Dennington. Never would she have believed that love could truly happen at first sight. With her scorned fiancé looking for her all over the countryside, she must guard her heart because no good can come out of breaking the marriage contract of the century. Luckily fate cannot be denied. An arranged marriage, a runaway bride and a scandal the likes the ton has never seen.

Be swept away by Regina Darcy's latest series, Runaway Brides. Look out for the next instalment soon. 

Regina Darcy writes clean, regency romance novelettes that always have a good old fashioned happy ending.


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Runaway Brides
1.Against her will
2.The Daring Escape 
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1. The Arrangement
2. A Spinster for the Marquess
3. A Game of Chance
4. An Angel for the Earl

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19. The Way to a Duke's Heart (The Winter Sisters 1)
20. A faithful maiden for the Earl (The Winter Sisters 2)
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