The Other Ann / Amy Cross

What would you do if you had to live with an exact copy of yourself?

Ann Garland lives alone, avoiding human contact wherever possible. She's perfectly happy. She just doesn't like being around people. And then an inter-dimensional portal opens, allowing two billion survivors to flood through from a post-apocalyptic alternate reality.

As humanity struggles to cope, governments worldwide implement a new law. Under the terms of the Rutherford Act, all citizens now have a duty to take in their doppelgangers from the other world. And that includes Ann.

Ann's double is like her in every way, except that she's lived through World War 3 in a parallel world. Soon, Ann begins to suspect that her double is hiding something. Her suspicions grow, until finally she comes to believe that the other Ann is out to kill her. Is Ann merely paranoid, or is her double aiming to take over her entire life and replace her?

The Other Ann is a psychological horror story about a woman who has to face her double, and about the dangers that lurk within us all.
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