Temptation Awakening (Temptation Control Book 2) / Alan Austin

Book Cover Temptation Awakening (Temptation Control Book 2)
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/ Alan Austin
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ISBN-10: B07VD67K7W
ISBN-13: 978B07VD67K73

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After receiving the power to tempt others thanks to a chance encounter with a mysterious women, David Cross finds himself learning how to use his new gift and testing its limits. Can he convince a woman to flash an attractive man in public? How far can he make horny teenagers go with each other while they are surrounded by onlookers? Can he finally use his powers to get himself some action after torturing himself with voyeuristic enjoyment all week long?

As he experiements with his gift he finds the answers to these questions and helps a few others get some excitement in their lives as well, but he also meets someone that might be more than the casual encounter he was looking for and finds that his gift is good for her too! His new lover opens her mind to her own fantasies spurred on by David's temptations and finds herself asking for things she had never tried before. Both of them are awoken by the gift and the passion it can bring to their lives, but only David knows why.

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