Demons Are D*cks: A Comedy of Terrors / Ronan, Evan

My name’s Archer. My friends call me Archer.

You can call me something else.

I don’t like to brag, but I’m bad ass.

If you met me on the street, I’d tell you I was a professor, live alone, and watch too much Netflix. You might see me at my favorite spot, the Tavern on Pine, throwing back Miller High Lifes and charming the local single and unhappily married ladies. And you might think I’m just like you, just like everybody else, living a normal life in this perfectly normal world.

˃˃˃ But don’t let the cover story fool you.

I’m a Slayer. And the world ain’t even close to normal.

I spend my nights keeping the Creatures of Night, or Cons, in check. Sometimes that means getting my hands dirty. I stake vamps, put mutts to sleep, and slay the hell out of demons. Life’s not easy when supernatural beings are always out for your blood.

˃˃˃ And that’s what a good week looks like.

Right now? I’m having a bad week. Another Slayer just turned up dog food, I’ve got a fresh recruit to train, my boss for my daytime cover job is a knob, and this a***ole demon, Asag, might be building an unstoppable army in hell to bring about the apocalypse.

˃˃˃ So there’s that.

Good thing I’m bad ass.

Demons Are D*cks is the first in a new splatstick series featuring Nick Archer”"the baddest badass to ever raise a stake. Fans of comedy, horror, action, gore, and the Evil Dead series will love this book.

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