Seeking Our Forever: Nelson Brothers' / Liberty Parker, Darlene Tallman

Jonas Nelson is the ‘nerd’ behind the missions. A virtual genius, he sits behind his computer and patiently tracks the evil men and women they’re hired to capture. He’s a badass in his own right, but prefers to be behind the scenes, unlike his two brothers. His escape from the worldwide web and the missions they embark on is underground fighting, MMA style.

Since they disposed of Sinclair, Jonas has been watching his widow, who’s unaware of where her husband has disappeared to. He doesn’t like what he sees, though, as she is constantly peeking out the blinds to watch and see if her abusive husband makes a reappearance. It has him on edge and his protective instincts on high alert.

Raven Robenstein is an IT genius. A chance encounter with a man who came knocking on her door one evening, one she would describe to friends, if she had any left, as ‘hot as hell but out of my league’ leads to a job opportunity that will help her pay for her son's surgery to repair a congenital heart defect.

When the local gang targets Raven, she turns to Jonas for help, never expecting to find the one thing her heart was missing—him.

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