Deranged Souls: Supernatural Horror with Scary Ghosts & Haunted Houses (Haunted Village Series Book 9) / Ripley, Ron

Every experiment must come to an end…

Marcus Holt is Subject B, a Vietnam veteran forced to run the gauntlet of Professor Abel Worthe’s sadistic study of terror. But the professor’s brutal experiment is finally coming to an end. And Worthe has saved his deadliest surprise for last.

Still injured from his battles against the supernatural, Marcus struggles to keep his team together. As they desperately try to escape from Worthe's horrifying village, a new structure appears in the twisted landscape. A simple little house that Marcus knows all too well…

As the wounded soldier confronts a ghost from his past, another subject finds himself consumed by his growing paranormal abilities. Now able to force the dead to do his bidding, his terrifying power may be the key to escaping the haunted village once and for all. But it just might shatter his soul in the process.

The final battle draws near, as enemies and allies both converge on the village’s walls. Marcus must overcome crippling pain and fear, to fight harder than he ever thought possible. But will courage be enough to beat the professor at his own sinister game?

Or will the subjects finally join the tortured souls that haunt Worthe’s village?
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