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F.Y.B. COM. SEMESTER I. Accountancy and Financial. Management I ... 3 Departmental Accounts ... Concepts, benefits, procedures for issue of accounting.7 pages View PDF

Revised Syllabus of F. Y. B. Com. Accountancy and Financial Management -I. SEMESTER I. Topics. Sr. No. Topics. No of lectures. Module1 Accounting standards ... View PDF

This course is intended to introduce the basic theory, concepts and practice of financial accounting and to enable students to understand information contained ... View PDF

Most common experience with accounting is through: credit approvals, checking accounts, tax forms, and payroll. Page 2. Financial Accounting Fundamentals, Ch. 1 ...10 pages View PDF

Objectives of the course. This course is intended to introduce the basic theory, concepts and practice of financial accounting and to enable students to ...51 pages View PDF

SEMESTER SYSTEM FOR F. Y. B. COM COURSE. F. Y. B. Com (W.E.F.: June – 2014-15). SEMESTER – I. Paper No.4: FINANCIAL AND COST ACCOUNTING - Paper I.4 pages View PDF

On the basis of balances of ledger final accounts are prepared. The object of accounting is to analyse the transactions written in the books. Accounting ...63 pages View PDF

F.Y.B.Com- Sem.-I (w.e.f. 2016-17). 1. Financial Accountancy and Management-I. Course Objectives. • To impart conceptual knowledge of various accounting ...17 pages View PDF

Syllabus for the F.Y.B.COM. ... Learning to prepare final accounts of a manufacturing concern. ... To learn the accounting procedure of Inland Branches.8 pages View PDF

F.Y.B.COM. (Student should select in all 7 subjects). Compulsory subjects for all divisions. 1. Compulsory English. 2. Financial Accounting.3 pages View PDF

F.Y.B.Com. Course Outcomes ... Course: Financial Accounting (CC 2) ... Gain knowledge about advanced accounts procedures for equity and preference share. View PDF

Syllabus for F.Y.B.Com ... To impart knowledge regarding finalization of accounts of various ... To give knowledge about Accounting for Professionals.40 pages View PDF

Accounting Major I – Income Tax, Service Tax and Goa Value Added Tax OR. Cost Accounting Major I ... Accounting Major V – Advanced Company Accounts OR.175 pages View PDF


by NPV Rule · Cited by 2 — Accounting depreciation affects cash flows because it reduces the company's tax bill. Then. CF = (1−τ)[Operating Profits] − [Capital Expenditures].23 pages View PDF

F.Y.B.Com. (Sem - I & II). 1. Accounting and Financial Management - I & II. • Students will be able to independently prepare final accounts of sole trading ... View PDF

Semester –II F.Y.B.Com ... F. Y. B. Com FUNDAMENTALS OF FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING - I ... To familiarize students with the preparation of final accounts of ...97 pages View PDF

Class; FYBCOM, Semester I, Subject: Accountancy & FM( Accounts ). SAMPLE QUESTIONS: MCQs. 1. Purchase of raw material is a. Manufacturing Account debit. View PDF

accounting techniques includingthe preparation of basic financial statements. UNIT NO. ... Procedure for Opening and Operating of Deposit Accounts.644 pages View PDF

COURSE OUTCOMES. F. Y. B. Com. SEMESTER I. SYLLABUS. OBJECTIVES. OUTCOME. Accountancy & Financial Management-I. 1: Accounting standards issued by ICAI and. View PDF

Conducted Parents Teachers Meeting for F.Y.B.Com accounts & finance student's. Conducted Class Test in all the subjects for all the classes. View PDF

Programme / Course outcomes. F.Y.B.Com. Accounting &Finance Semester –I Syllabus. 1.Financial Accounting (Elements of Financial Accounting) – I. View PDF

Accounting. Dr. Santana. Fernandes. 9822166781 FY BCOM-. A. Micro Economics. Ms. Jacqueline. Monteiro. View PDF

iii) Close Reserves and other Profit Accounts. iv) Close Loss Account. v) Close Assets and Liabilities Accounts which are not taken over by the new firm. vi ... View PDF

the accounting period they want to know the performance and financial position of their ... to complete the accounts from available incomplete records. View PDF

AFM-V : Accounting and Financial. Management. MA-IV : Management Account. MA-VI : Management Account. BE-III : Business Economics. View PDF

Accounting - 2. Business Management - 2. Banking & Finance-2. Computer Science - 2. Advance Statistics - 2. Co-operation - 2. Accountancy, Commerce. View PDF

Accounting Standards deal with the issues of. (i) Recognition of events and transactions in the financial statements,. (ii) Measurement of these transactions ... View PDF

FYBCOM. Name of the Paper: Accountancy and Financial Management ... to learn the preparation of departmental final accounts considering various. View PDF

Accounting concept refers to the basic assumptions and rules and principles which work as the basis of recording of business transactions and preparing accounts ... View PDF

F.Y.B.Com & S.Y.B.Com EXTERNAL -2019-2020. 3. Core Courses (A) Core Compulsory. FY.B.COM. EXTERNAL. UBE1CCOM01. Financial Accounting. View PDF

For the Course Financial Accounting. c) There will be practical and practical examinations for the special Courses (Discipline. Special Elective) of S.Y.B.Com. View PDF

Profit : Risk and uncertainty theory of profit. F. Y. B. COM : ACCOUNTANCY (COMPULSORY). FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING : GENERAL. (Effective from : June 2006). 1. View PDF

Aug 17, 2021 — F.Y.B.Com.(Accounting & Finance). Academic year 2021-2022. Following students should seek admission between 17th August to 25th August 2021 ... View PDF

Sep 6, 2021 — Accounting. Microeconomics. V. Microeconomics. Microeconomics. Business. Communication. Dr. Parag Ajagaonkar. Principal. FYBCOM HONS - B ... View PDF

In the beginning of the next accounting year, the aforesaid journal entry will be reversed as under: Stock Reserve Dr. To Profit and Loss Account. (Being ... View PDF

ACCOUNT. To consign means to send. In Accounting, the term “consignment account” relates to accounts dealing with a situation. View PDF

Preparing Trading and Profit and Loss Account and the Balance Sheet by putting the accounting records in proper order, called conversion method. 11.3.1 ... View PDF

FYBCom. 1. CACC101. Financial Accountancy ... Basic Company Accounting and Final Accounts of a Manufacturer to be studied. Unit I. INVENTORY VALUATION. View PDF

Aug 6, 2021 — Venue for Admission. FYBCOM. 27440/-. 103. FYBSC-Physics, Chemistry, Maths. 20495/-. 102. FYBSC-Physics, Maths, Stats. 20495/-. View PDF

This statement deals with the disclosure of significant accounting policies followed in preparing and presenting financial statements. 2. The view presented in ... View PDF

Revised syllabi (2019Pattern) for three years F.Y. B. Com. ... To impart knowledge regarding finalization of accounts of various establishments. View PDF

Compound Interest. Amount: The total money, including principal and interest is called Amount or Accumulated Value. Anil Khadse NKTT/ Maths & Stats ... View PDF

Aug 25, 2021 — F.Y. B.Com. (Accounting & Finance) Admissions 2021-22. SECOND CUT-OFF LIST. The students have to login in to zoom as per the following ... View PDF

Oct 27, 2021 — Financial Accounting. (SAT H tive from Academic Year 2021-22 onwards). Objective: To impari basic accounting knowledge as applicable to ... View PDF

by ANS CAMPUS — F.Y.B.COM. SYLLABUS. Accountancy. Subject Code: BC104. Total Marks: 70. Unit. Detailed Syllabus. Marks. Unit-1. (A) Consignment Accounts:. View PDF

Books of Accounts necessary for accounting, journal entries, ledger accounts, preparation of farm accounts to ascertain profits, preparation of balance sheet. View PDF

Total credits: 26. Total Gradepoints: 158 No of Attempt: 2 Total Activity: 0. Sub. CC-GENMGT(4) CC-FINACT(4). CC-ECO(4). CC-MATHS(4) AEC-Eng(4). AEC-EVS(2). View PDF

Accounting and Financial management –l. 1. To make the students understand the concept of a Manufacturing concern, preparation of final accounts of a. View PDF

VPM's. K. G. Joshi College of Arts & N.G.Bedekar College of Commerce (Autonomous), Thane. FYBA / FYBCOM / FYBCOM (Unaided Div.) FYBCOM (Accounting and Finance) ... View PDF

(Accounting & Finance/F.Y.B.Com. ... F.Y.B.Sc. F.Y.B.Sc. F.Y.B.Sc. FYBCom F.Y.B.Com. F.Y.B.Com. Biotech-. Comp. Science. (Accounting & Financial. View PDF

Consignment Accounts: Important terms; Accounting records; Valuation of unsold stock; Conversion of consignment into branch. Joint Venture Accounts: Meaning ... View PDF

VPM's K.G.Joshi College of Arts & N.G.Bedekar College of Commerce (Autonomous), Thane. ROLL CALL - AY 2021-22. FYBCOM (ACCOUNTING & FINANCE) ... View PDF

F.Y.B.Com. Name of the Teacher. Subject. Google. Classroom Name. Google. Classroom. Code. Telegram Channel Link. Dr. Niranjan R. Shah. Financial. Accounting. View PDF

Course Outcomes. • F Y B Com. • Semester -1. 711040: Financial. Accounting and Costing. • Students are able to understand the Accounting Standards. View PDF

Knight's Risk, Uncertainty bearing Theory - Monopoly. Theory of Profit. Distinction between Accounting Profit and. Economic Profit. View PDF


Course Outcomes (CO). 1 F.Y.B.COM. Compulsory Subjects: 1. Financial Accounting: Student understands: 1. The concepts, nature and purpose of financial. View PDF

Jul 24, 2020 — FYBA/FYBSC/FYBCOM &. FYBSC IT/FYBSC BT/FYBCOM(Banking & Insurance)/. FYBCOM(Accounting & Finance)/FYBMM/FYBMS. Dear Students,. View PDF

The plant was taken over by Vishal after charging depreciation at the rate of 20% p.a.. Prepare Joint Venture Account, Joint Bank Account and Accounts of Vishal. View PDF

Prepare Royalty Account, Joint Venture Account and Statement showing Piecemeal distribution of Cash on Dissolution of partnership firms. View PDF

consignee's account. [a] Non-Recurring Expenses : The consignee arranges for storing the goods in godown. The expenses incurred till the goods are sent ... View PDF

subjects covering areas of economics, accounting, business management, human ... Principles to students to have the foot hold in accounts. View PDF

May 11, 2019 — Syllabus of courses of F.Y.B.Com Programme ... To acquaint learners with practical aspects of 'accounts writing' by giving them exposure to. View PDF

Mar 31, 2016 — Prepare trading and profit and loss account and balance sheet from incomplete records. 14. CHAPTER. © The Institute of Chartered Accountants of ... View PDF

The Faculty comprises of five Departments - Accounting and Financial ... The minimum age for admission to the F.Y.B.Com. admission after passing the H.S.C. ... View PDF

Accounting records that are not maintained according to Double Entry System are known as Accounts from. Incomplete Records or Single Entry System of ... View PDF

Apr 3, 2020 — Course: F.Y.B.COM (MATHS). Unit: I. Prepared by: SHRI R.B. YADAV. LSRC/2019-20/ tutorial lesson. Page 2. 3. Division rule:. View PDF

Dec 28, 2017 — Maths: Mutual Funds. Semester – II Class: F. Y. B. Com. Division: E. Subject / Paper: MATHEMATICAL AND STATISTICAL TECHNIQUES. View PDF

The public entity1 adoption deadline for the new guidance in Accounting Standards Update (ASU) 2016-02, Leases. (Topic 842), is drawing closer. View PDF

FUNDS IN TRADING ACCOUNTS CARRIED BY CLEARING MEMBERS ... (iii) Settlement bank account documents to permit the Clearing House to collect and disperse ... View PDF

ACCA 2019-2020 All rights reserved. 1. Financial. Accounting. (FA/FFA). Syllabus and study guide. September 2019 to August 2020 ... View PDF

by AS AS · Cited by 4 — Accounting Standard (AS) 9. Revenue Recognition. Contents. INTRODUCTION. Paragraphs 1-4. Definitions. 4. EXPLANATION. 5-9. Sale of Goods. View PDF

1 Financial Accounting and Auditing - Auditing ... vi) Realignement of capitals in the new firm by current accounts / cash or a. View PDF

In fact, it is the only Index number satisfying the two tests. ➢. It takes into account both the current year‟s as well as base year‟s weights . View PDF

by M Harris · 2002 · Cited by 83 — state of play regarding official revisions to the system of national accounts (SNA) with respect to natural resources and the environment is presented and ... View PDF

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