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Phan, D. H. B., Sharma, S. S., & Narayan, P. K. (2016). Volatility forecasting and risk management for commodity markets in the presence of asymmetry and long memory. Oil price shocks, policy uncer View PDF

Principles of pricing, product development, target marketing, · Risk management, Importance of food safety in hotel industry. P.K. Bruening, G. and Doi, R.H. (2001): 5th Ed. Outlines of Biochemistr View PDF

(iv) Indian P & T Accounts & Finance Service, Group `A'. (v) Indian Audit and Accounts Service, Group `A'. (vi) Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise), Group `A'. (vii) Indian Defence View PDF

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MedResources: A Cloud-Based Medicines Availability Management Mohit Mahavir Sidnale, Sharvan Singh and Shoaib. Regular Paper Mohit P. Tahiliani (National Institute of Technology. Countering the Ris View PDF

Interests: youth policy, program and Sociology and Public Affairs. Josh Goldstein shifts, stretches, and transforms the may be associated with risk of chronic disease. Monica Espinoza Higgins, Sr. View PDF

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Barbara did was simply an extraordinary manager. International Union for the Scientific Study of women reduce their risk of unintended pregnancy. Written products include working papers, researchbr View PDF

Pecora, G., Musto, M., D'adamo, C., Adduci, F., Freschi, P. & Cosentino, C. 2015. It can also provide insurance against pollination deficits in areas where honey bee populations are declining. The View PDF

Allostatic Load as a Marker of Cumulative Biological Risk: MacArthur Studies of Successful Aging. This insurance scheme is funded by the company and salary contributions (x percent of salary). Butt View PDF

Risk management and risk analysis can be used in making seismic evaluations of dams. Robertson, P. K., Woeller, D. J. and Finn, W. D. L., "Seismic Cone Penetration Test for Evaluating. The Guideli View PDF

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1, where P (K = k) isthe probability of observing exact degree k and is referred to as a scaling parameter. This insight focuses attention on the distribution of sexual activity level in a pop-ulati View PDF

Samuel L.1, Szanton S., Weiss C., Thorpe R., Chavez P., Fried L. Bicycle-share Program and Risk of Reporting a Collision or Quasi-collision with a Motor Vehicle in Montreal. Ahmed A.1, Chowdhury M. View PDF

Gupta, P.K. Insurance and Risk Management. P.K. Insurance and Risk Management, Himalaya Publishing House Mishra, M.N. Principles and Practices of Insurance. View PDF

2. Apply the methods of actuarial science in insurance and risk management. 3. Goon, A.M., Gupta, M.K. and Dasgupta, B. (2005). View PDF

18. Risk Management: An. iii) Prof. P.K. Jain, Department of Mathematics, University of Delhi. View PDF

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1. Insurance and risk management by P.K. Gupta, Second edition, HPH. Dr. P.K. Gupta, Himalaya Publishing House. View PDF

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5. Gupta, PK, Insurance and Risk Management, Himalaya Publishing House, 2004. Risk Management and Insurance. View PDF

5. Gupta, PK, Insurance and Risk Management, Himalaya Publishing House, 2004. Risk Management and Insurance. View PDF

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4.Khan M.Y. & Jain PK: Financial management, TMH. Protection: Human Life Value Approach - Needs Approach - Capital Retention Approach - Risk Associated with Superannuation - Risk of Outlining the View PDF

3.Gupta, PK. Recommended Books 1.Rejda, Principles of Risk Management and Insurance, Pearson Education. View PDF

Reference Books: 1 2 3 4 Nagpal, P., Principles of Health Insurance Coverage, Cyber Tech. Gupta, PK. Unit-III : Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI): Objectives, Control and Prevention, Security, En View PDF

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Risk Management Insurance And DeriVATive. 34499 Gupta S.K. View PDF

Swarup kanti gupta PK and man mohan Operations research 9th. Enterprise risk management in the insurance industry. View PDF

Forex Exposure Risk Management. 657.046 SH-A 2204 Sundharam K.P.M. View PDF

Operations Research 9th Edition, Kantiswarup, Gupta P.K. & Sultan Chand & Sons Manmohan. Transport Insurance and Risk Management. View PDF

Insurance Claims Solutions - DR L.P Gupta Revised Edition. 4 Risk Management. View PDF

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P.K. Gupta, M. Singh, A. Approximate analytical solution Scientia Iranica A Yildirim of the time-fractional Camassa. Energy Practices & Global Practice Head, Commodities Trading & Risk Manage View PDF

Mr. Ashok Bhattacharya, Editorial Director- Business Standard, Dr. Anand P. Gupta - Former Professor of Economics (IIM. 5th International Conference on Enterprise Wide Risk Management. View PDF

2. Gordon E. & Gupta PK. Exposure, Risk Management - Non-insurance Techniques, Introduction to Insurance, Principles of Insurance, Insurance Industry, Insurance Market, Insurance as Risk. View PDF

Since 2007, the US Department of Agriculture Risk Management Agency (RMA) has been testing a pilot project called Rainfall Index insurance (RI-PRF), which is designed to insure against losses due to View PDF

41. Gupta PK, Miller WJ, Sainath J, Forse RA. Vascular Health and Risk Management 2015;11:461-477. View PDF

Risk Management and Insurance. MY Khan and PK Jain. View PDF

260. Dr .R.K Gupta, Govt P.G.College, 254. Pradesh, "Risk Management and the with special reference to Saptagiri. View PDF

Department of Philosophy, P.K. Roy to 7 December 2009, ` 20,000. Karnataka: Farmers' Indebtedness and training programme was organised from Risk Management' was conducted on 14 to 15 September View PDF

Dr. Sanjay K.M. Gupta, Principal, R.H. R, Dredging Corporation of India, for Corporate Risk Management in IPE in Rs.8,00,000. View PDF

Insurance and Risk Management, P.K. Gupta, (2010), First Edition, Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai. Industrial Marketing - PK Ghosh, Latest Edition. View PDF

Risk management : Meaning and Definition, Objectives, Importance, Classification of Risk, Methods of Handling Risk, factors affecting Risk Management, Principles of Insurance. 6. Computer Funda View PDF

2. Insurance & Risk Management , Dr. P. K. Gupta, Himalaya Publishing House. 3. Human resource Management - P. Jyothi, Publication - Oxford University Press. View PDF

1. Taxmann`s risk based internal audit in banks by D.P. Gupta & R.k. Unit IV: Organization of Wholesale & Retail Trade-Recent Trends in Wholesale & Retailing, Malls and Supermarkets-Their Effect View PDF

PK Gupta (4). The underlying decrease was largely technology and associated depreciation and amortisation charges, net driven by unfavourable movements in fair value and hedge of productivity sav View PDF

Shri R P Gupta, Joint Secretary, Sl. Shri Jain was National Director of Certificate Course on Forex Risk and Treasury Management of ICAI from 2010 to 2013. View PDF

Studies carried out on the French market of car insurance is not a definitive link between the size of insurance coverage and risk exposure of customers of insurance companies (Abbring, Chiappori, He View PDF

3] Chang, K.P. (2016). 17th International Scientific Conference Globalization and Its Socio-Economic Consequences University of Zilina, The Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Com View PDF

Görlitzer, K. P. (2004/2005). A comparable effort to functionally separate risk-assessment activities from risk management was made on the level of the EU. View PDF

As we already pointed out above, multistage stochastic optimization is by now a widely used technique within the eld of portfolio planning, asset and liability management, risk management and asset a View PDF

Gupta, A. K., Dey, A. R., Shinde, C., Mahanta, H., Patel, C., Patel, R., ... Tole, P. (2016). a prime for disaster risk management. View PDF

Anacona, P.I., A. Mackintosh, and K. Norton, 2015: Reconstruction of a glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) in the Engańo Valley, Chilean Patagonia: Lessons for GLOF risk management. Jha, C.K., V. View PDF

2013). The ability of insurance to contribute to adaptive capacity depends on the 36 overall risk management and livelihood context of households -- studies find that rain fed. Allen, M. R., J. S View PDF

Insurance and Risk Management for Hazardous. (Standing L-R) Deputy General Managers: Mr. Y. Ramulu, Mr. H. G. Rokade, Mr. P.N. Gandhi, Mr. H. L. Teckchandani, Mr. P. K. Bhagat, Mr. A. K. Mittal, View PDF

Shri G.P. Gupta during their tenure as insurance not adhering to Accounting. Shri P.K. Mor. View PDF

as defined in Gupta and Nagar (2000, p. 18). Recently, copula functions have been used extensively to study the association between variables in financial econometrics and risk management, see e. View PDF

Risk Management and Insurance Review, 17(1), 37-59. 187. Bajkó, A., Maknics, A., Tóth, K., & Vékás, P. (2015). View PDF

Gupta PK. Courses/Papers Sequence Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4 Semester 5 Semester 6 CC l: CC3: CC5: CC8: CC 11: CC l3: Earth and Earth Surface Processes Water and Water Resources View PDF

Mohanty, PK, and Others. An important milestone was the promulgation of guidelines to enhance SCP credit growth and environmental-social risk management by the State Bank of Vietnam in March 2015 View PDF

No. Course Code Course Title L T P C MARKETING - ELECTIVES 1 PBA702 Services Marketing 3 0 0 3 2 PBA703 Advertising and Sales Promotion 3 0 0 3 3 PBA704 Consumer Behaviour 3 0 0 3 4 PBA705 Brand Mana View PDF

He emphasized the need for risk transfer mechanism for financing disasters like Insurance. Dr. Harsh K. Gupta. View PDF

India Insure Risk Management & Insurance Broking Services Pvt. Tax, Mr. A.P. Singh, Assistant Director, Income Tax, Mr. H.K. Behra, D.G.M., Union Bank of India, Varanasi, Mr. Vipin Kumar, D.G.M., View PDF

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(F & C) Job Types: - Banking and Finance - Equity Research - Insurance Management - Leasing - Merchant Banking - Insurance Industry - Mutual Funds - Portfolio Management - Project Appraisal - Risk Ma View PDF

Insurance Risk and Ruin. Nor Badrul Anuar Jumaat (PK), Ainuddin Wahid Abdul Wahab, Dr. Omar Zakaria (PK), Aliff Syazwan. View PDF

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1994. Risk and insurance in village India. The politics of 'branding' in policy transfer: the Das Gupta, M., Khaleghian, P., & Sarwal, R. (2003). View PDF

1994. Risk and insurance in village India. The politics of 'branding' in policy transfer: the Das Gupta, M., Khaleghian, P., & Sarwal, R. (2003). View PDF

Baker Jr., Edward L., Margaret A. Potter, Deborah L. Jones, Shawna L. Mercer, Joan P. Cioffi, Lawrence W. Green, Paul K. Halverson, Maureen Y. Lichtveld, and David W. Fleming. Khaleghian, Peyvan View PDF

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5. Arthur, C. and C. William Jr., Risk Management and Insurance, McGraw Hill. PK Padhi, Industrial Relations and Labour Law, PHI Learning. View PDF

Mr. Salil K. Gupta, Chief Mentor. The effectiveness of our risk management is limited by the quality and timeliness of available data. View PDF

Through our allied businesses that include infrastructure advisory, project conceptualisation, investment banking, risk- management, insurance advisory and broking services, venture capital, private View PDF

Key Management Personnel : Mr. Salil K. Gupta, Director. Year ended construction and infrastructure project insurance in addition to 31st March, 31st March, insurance of allied risks such as cred View PDF

According to Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (Gup and Brooks, 1997, p. 3) the risk of interest rate is understood as the possible influence of interest rates on the revenues and net value of t View PDF

When considering insurance as a risk management mechanism to increase sustainability of water and sanitation services per se, one needs to be aware about the existing challenges. De Wit, M. P., View PDF

risk management criteria for public investment in Latin. Briffa,K.,Jones,P.,Schweingruber,F.etOsborn,T. View PDF

Carlson, D., J. Ripberger, H. Jenkins-Smith, C. Silva, K. Gupta, B. Jones and R. Berrens. Decision Making for Insurance and Risk Reduction Activities when Facing Possible. View PDF

P K Joshi. Implications for Risk Management. View PDF

Kannan, K P and N Vijayamohanan the Archive. Indrani Gupta, Communities at Risk: Industrial Risk in Indian Manufacturing: Productivity. View PDF

Birthal, P S: See Joshi, P K. Risk Management (F). View PDF

Disaster Risk Management. In India, for example, proposals include direct surface flows into aquifers (Gupta and Deshpande, 2004). View PDF

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Shashi K. Gupta, Business Organisation and Management. Unit IV Insurance Claims. View PDF

Journal of Risk and Insurance, 60, 363-384. Stumpf SA, Dawley PK. View PDF

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