Official PAGG Stack Supplement System - 1 Month as specified in 4 Hour Body /

pAGG by NewHealth Solutions: Check out our website for testimonials and special offers
- October 2011 Cover of Woman's World Magazine - "The Diet Pill Miracle you've been praying for!"
- NBC's Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - Follow Craig's Weightloss Journey

These 2 bottles give you 1 month supply of our pAGG Supplement System, you will receive:
90 Tablets of pAGG All Day. Each tablet contains:
- 150 mg of 100% R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA). Higher quality than racemic mixture of R/S ALA
- 200 mg of Garlic Extract (aged for 20 months with High Allicin Potential)
- 542 mg of Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract yielding 325 mg of EGCG
- 100 mcg of Biotin - B complex reduces glucose levels in the blood and plays a key role in protein and carbohydrate synthesis. Biotin can bring increased energy levels.
30 Tablets of pAGG Night Time. Each tablet contains:
- 25 mg of Policosanol
- 150 mg of R-ALA - 200 mg of Garlic Extract
- 100 mcg of Biotin

- "Unintended but significant reduction in body-fat" - Tim Ferriss, 4 Hour Body
- "ALA a natural antioxidant that can influence the rate at which blood sugar is burned" - CBS News
- "Garlic also increases metabolism. A higher metabolism burns calories faster and can lead to weight-loss" -
- "Green Tea shifts your fat-fighting metabolism into high gear. Its powers come mostly from an antioxidant called EGCG" - Womens Health
- "Biotin plays a key role in the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates"

Take 1 pAGG All Day 15 min before meals and 1 pAGG Night Time tablet before bed. Daily: 3 x All Day and 1 x Night Time
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