Butcher's Hands: Supernatural Horror with Scary Ghosts & Haunted Houses (Haunted Village Series Book 3) / Ron Ripley, Scare Street

Subject B’s terrifying ordeal continues. And this time, he may have met his match…

When Marcus Holt is kidnapped by the brilliant and sadistic Professor Worthe, the battle-hardened Vietnam vet is forced to endure a never-ending gauntlet of terror. He thought his days of death and horror were over, but Worthe’s Village promises only more of the same. And his next horrific encounter is about to begin.

There is a new test subject in Worthe’s haunted village: Subject G. A Roman Catholic priest in the outside world, this new victim’s faith and devotion are put to the test when the group is hunted by a vicious ghost called ‘The Butcher’. Seething with anger and rage, the Butcher haunts the crumbling remains of an abandoned taxi station. And she is capable of tearing flesh and shattering bones with the unnatural strength in her ghostly hands.

As Professor Worthe watches his latest experiment unfold, the vindictive wraith is set loose against the terrified subjects. Marcus possesses an iron will, and years of combat experience...

But will it be enough to lead his team to survival, and defeat the unholy killer stalking them from the shadows?
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