The Promise: A Billionaire Romance / Kasi, M.V.

Two billionaire brothers. A promise. A charade. And falling in love...

Vikram and Vishal are the heirs to the well-known Saaho Group fortune.

London bred and educated, the handsome brothers are accustomed to a jet-setting lifestyle while they win cutthroat business deals, date beautiful women and spend time with their doting family.

But what are Vikram and Vishal doing in a small village in India? Why are they putting on a pretence by working as an accountant and a driver for the modest Gulati family?

When the sweet, kindhearted older Gulati sister begins to melt Vikram’s ruthless heart, and the bold, feisty younger one steals away Vishal’s peace of mind, will the Saaho brothers continue with their charade?

THE PROMISE is a lighthearted, sweet and passionate standalone romance.


Vishal woke up to the sound of feminine giggles.

“That tickles!”

More giggles. “You’re so naughty.”

Vishal was irritated. He had gotten back to the Gulati house during the early hours and he had barely slept in the last forty-eight hours. And now, someone was having a secret fling outside his room. He closed his eyes, determined to shut out the disturbance.

“I know you like it when I touch you like this. Don’t you?”

Vishal’s eyes popped open all of a sudden when he finally recognized the voice through his sleep-fogged brain.
How bloody dare she!

Intense fury filled him, and he threw the bed sheet aside before going to the door and kicking it open. He stormed out, ready to kill the man she was with. But as soon as he saw her, he stopped short.

Bhanu was on her knees. And she was playing with a puppy that was wiggling in her arms and trying to lick her face. She looked at him in surprise, maybe because his face must be still reflecting his fury.

“What are you doing here!” he snapped.

She slowly and gently let the puppy out of her arms which promptly skipped away. “I live here. You know, because this is my house and you work for me.”

The damn brat never missed a chance to remind him of that fact.

“Well, this part of the house is assigned to me. While I’m here, stay away from this place.” He knew he was being ridiculous. But the irrational rage and jealousy thinking she was with another man was making him lash out at her. And his realization from the previous day of wanting her added to the fury.

She didn’t seem to care about the rage on his face. In fact, she seemed pretty pissed, too.

“I’ll go where I want and when I want,” she taunted with a raised chin. “And right now, I want to go inside my barn room. Who’s going to stop me?”

She stood up and began to stride towards his room.

He stopped her. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her towards him until her body crashed into his.


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