Until Forever: Contract Marriage with Billionaire Romance / M.V. Kasi,

Hate. Revenge. Love. He is a ruthless billionaire who has neither forgotten nor forgiven her...

At the age of eighteen, Meenakshi Mahasena had broken the heart of a handsome orphan who grew up with her. Instead of marrying him as she had promised, Meena married a rich, privileged man picked by her parents.

And now, nearly a decade later, Hiten has returned as a ruthless businessman seeking revenge. He is determined to seize everything she possesses.

Can Meena stop the man she had once promised to love until forever from destroying her?


Note: Until Forever is a standalone contemporary romance novel.


—“Such a beautiful story. I could not put it down until I finished it.”

—“This book is a complete package of romance, drama, thrill, revenge...”

—“I fell in love with protagonists...”

—“A good emotive tale of two lovers. The societal pressures, the yearning and the eternal love.....beautiful.”

—“A dark romance with a happy ending.”

—“A modern and beautiful retelling of my favorite classic book ‘WUTHERING HEIGHTS’.


A small yet cruel smile covered his face. "I'm no longer the boy you knew as a teenager. I want to hurt you. I would enjoy hurting you. I would feel justified hurting you. Each time I see your face, I don't just see your beauty, I see your betrayal along with it."

His cruel smile widened. "But that won't stop me from wanting to take your body every chance I get."
Meena's breath caught in her throat.
"Scared?" he asked when she stood biting her lip and watching him.
She slowly nodded. Then taking a deep breath, Meena moved closer to him.

His eyes blazed as he watched her body. When she was close enough, she held his face using both her hands.

“I will hurt you,” he warned.

When she still went ahead and brushed her lips softly against his, his arms wrapped around her waist and his mouth took hers in a brutal, punishing kiss.


Highest rank(s):
#1 Romance Bestseller
#1 Contemporary Romance Bestseller
#1 Indian Writing Bestseller
#10 in Overall Kindle Store

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