The Haunting of Gatesworld Manor (Hauntings of) / Knight, Cat

Zandra was down on her luck when she was offered an awesome job with a big pay check. All she had to do was stay at the manor and research the history of the house.  She didn’t know she couldn’t leave…..

Novelist and freelancer Zandra Turner is finding it tough to get work when a mysterious envelope brings a job offer to research the history of Gatesworld Manor. The estate manager seems evasive, the housekeeper borders on rude, but that is not all that’s wrong with Gatesworld manor. How is it possible that the layout of the manor changes with rooms and hallways that come and go? And who is the woman that Zandra hears crying in the night? But more than anything how can it be day and night at the same time? As Zandra enters into a battle for her soul the world she finds herself in closes in around her, and Zandra’s existence hangs in the balance. Will she manage to find her way out of the manor and back to her life, or will the manor claim her life forever?

List of Books

The Ghosts and Haunting Collection - 16 Book Boxed Set

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The Haunting of Grayson House

The Haunting of Weaver House

The Haunting of Fairview House

The Haunting of Keira O’Connell

The Haunting of Ferncoombe House

The Haunting of Highcliff Hall

The Haunting of Stone Street Cemetery

The Haunting of Knoll House

The Haunting of Harrow House

The Haunting of Rochford House

Ghosts and Haunted Houses Vol One

The Haunting of the Grey Lady

The Haunting of Blakely Manor

The Haunting on the Ridgeway (Ghost Sight Chronicles)

Cursed to Haunt  (Ghost Sight Chronicles)

The Revenge Haunting (Ghost Sight Chronicles)

The Haunting of Fort Recluse

The Haunting Trap

The Haunting of Montgomery House

The Haunting of Mackenzie House

If you read stories in the occult, occultism, horror, supernatural and paranormal genres then add these to your reading list.

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