Alpha Daddy Bear (Bridge Hollow Shifters Book 1) / Samantha Leal

Trouble is coming to Bridge Hollow - a strange mountain town full of mystery...where nothing is as it seems…

When Amanda finds herself on a six week break, the last thing she ever thought she would do is throw caution to the wind and head off on a random road trip with her best friend to the mysterious town of Bridge Hollow.

Bridge Hollow is famous for its strange happenings and shifter legends, but skeptic Amanda just wants to chill out for the summer and hopefully find some inner peace for a change.

When on the first day in town, she almost mows down the handsome and complicated alpha Dean, she has no idea what is waiting for her, or what an impact a man like him will have on her life.

Because Dean is not like other men... and their connection is not like other relationships. When Amanda and Dean collide, the stars align and their fates are sealed - whether either one of them is ready or not.

And to make things even more complicated there is something amiss in town...with wildlife dying off and the already volatile locals tempers flaring at the slightest provocation. Dean needs to pull his pack together to avert a firestorm. Will Amanda be his 'ace in the hole' or the a weakness he can't afford?

With so much against them, can this bear shifter and timid school teacher make things work, or are they destined to keep missing each other, left to forever wonder about what could have been?

A town of mysteries and the answers to some of these questions await you...

Also included is a short preview of Forbidden Alpha Bear...

This story contains no cheating, no cliff hangers, and of course has a HEA! ; )

Warning: This ebook contains mature themes and language and is meant for 18+ readers only.

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