Her Fated Mate Bear (Burning Falls Shifters Book 5) / Cynthia Wilde

With the entire fate of Burning Falls hanging in the balance, can this unlikely duo surrender to fate in time to save it?

Lisa Sanchez has been protecting the secrets of Burning Falls for her entire life. Entrusted with the responsibility of it’s hidden ways she has had zero time for romance. And in some ways that was just fine with her. The confines of her library where she conducted her studies were nice and safe…or at least they had been. But when Special Agent Logan Steele arrives in town to assist in handling a growing threat there are instant fireworks. With her world thrown upside down, can she keep her composure to stay focused on her job, which is more important now than ever?

When Logan returns to Burning Falls to ensure the protection of the energy vortex on which it sits, he is immediately attracted to the young beautiful librarian. But with the chance to prove what some would call his “wild theories” on shifter-kind, and with a greater mission to achieve, can he afford to be distracted by a fling?

Join Logan and Lisa and the rest of the crew as they engage in this ultimate battle for the town’s survival…With the evil that has sought to destroy them finally showing itself, will they finally trust in the hidden hand of fate? Will Lisa and Logan surrender to it and overcome their fears in time to master the secrets of the shifter way? Or will their fears win…ensuring their own demise…and that of Burning Falls itself…?

Also included is a short preview of Alpha Daddy Bear.

This story contains no cheating, no cliff hangers, and of course has a HEA! ; )

Warning: This ebook contains mature themes and language and is meant for 18+ readers only.

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