Alpha Shifters Of Salem (Alpha Mates Of Salem Boxset) / Starr, Maia

Dreamy alpha shifters are roaming around the town of Salem ready to claim and protect their mates.  Expect to find hot single daddies, innocent nanny’s, secret babies, unexpected pregnancy’s and much more sizzling action primed to keep your pages turning all hours of the night. Find out what happens in the full and complete series!

Sold To The Alpha Bear

I’d just sworn off men.
Then a howling alpha sold me off to the new alpha bear in town.

It was the night of the full moon when I saw Kyle.
Obsessed and wanting to take me straight to his den.
I see the desire in his eyes.
He desperately wants me as his new mate.
And he’s not alone.
There’s a pack of wolves that are interested in me.
Kyle considers me his… and he’ll do anything to protect me.
But will he be able to earn my trust?

Saved By The Alpha Dragon

I’ve been taken by the hottest dragon alive.

My kidnapper is the alpha of his dragon clan.
He’s strong and irresistible.
I’m trapped in his home but he’s the only one who can protect from the other shifters.
My life is at stake and I’ll have to trust him.
Even if he’s been keeping a secret.
A secret that could change my life forever.
What am I going to do?

The Single Daddy Alpha Wolf

There’s no way I’ll agree to become this alpha wolf’s mate.

Christian is a single dad with a dark past.
His son has gone missing and I know he’s keeping secrets from me.
My trust has been broken before.
I can’t let that happen again.
Christian isn’t the man worthy of my innocence.
But his cocky eyes make me fall in love with him.
Tempting me to become his mate.
The raging wolf in him scares me.
But he would fight the world to keep me safe.

Nanny For The Mountain Lion

In order to save her, I must control her.

Brianna’s life is in danger because of me.
She looks after my sons and I can’t stop lusting over her.
Love seemed impossible before I met her.
But an alpha mountain lion cannot be without a mate.
Brianna is too innocent and I need to shield her from danger.
I’d do anything to protect my baby growing inside her.
Even if she hates the way I have to do it.

Note: Adults Only!

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