Don't Close Your Eyes: 4 Terrifying Haunted House Novels / Clark, Caroline

When night falls the dead walk, don’t close your eyes! 4 terrifying novels to keep you up all night.
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The Haunting of Brynlee House - Brynlee House has a past, a secret, it is one that would be best left buried.
Trying to escape an abusive ex, has Emma jumped from the frying pan into the fire – based on a true haunted house.

The Haunting of Shadow Hill House - A move for a better future becomes a race against the past. Something dark lurks in Shadow Hill House and it is waiting. Jenny wanted this move, but now, as things begin to unravel, she fears for the safety of her family. Suddenly she wants to leave behind her dream, her home and everything they have, only leaving may not be possible.

Daddy Won’t Kill You - A rocking chair, relaxing, comfortable, soaked in the blood of its victims. Steve and Lauren, are spiraling into divorce. In a last bid attempt to save their marriage they take their two children to a remote cabin for a peaceful holiday.
Only something else is there, something old and evil, and it is looking for blood.

The Spirit Behind You - Trapped in the dark, reveling in the taste of death, it waits for release. Joe is desperate to find the perfect present for his sister when he stumbles on some old junk. He has found something special and makes her a gift of a lifetime not knowing that he has released the Spirit of Death.

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