Ghosts, Ghouls, and Haunted Houses: 9 Book Box Set / Carrie King, Caroline Clark

Nothing is worse than the curse in a dead man’s eye – or is it – 9 tales to make you fear the darkness. FREE with Kindle Unlimited or 0.99 for a limited time.

The box set includes 2 full series, 9 books, and 1 brand new book

The Haunting of Briar Park
Something Evil

An ancient book, a lonely monastery, a house all alone in the woods. Journey to Briar Park if you dare…

With Wicked Intent
Erica and Nigel are young and in love and they have found their dream house. Of course, the house needs a lot of work, but they have all the time in the world. Or do they?

Silent Screaming
A lovely new home, but what can the children see?

The Darkness in the Shadows
Something evil lurks in the shadows, waiting, watching with bated breath.
Switch on all the lights in the house and lock your doors as you follow the last tenants of the house in Briar Park as they experience yet more terrifying, horrifying, and unexpected events. Scroll up now to read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited or just 0.99 to buy.

The Haunting of Greyfield Manor

The Dark Secret

Hoping to mend the growing rift in her marriage, Tiffany Baker treats her husband to a weekend at the secluded Greyfield Manor. The rugged and beautiful property is situated on a picturesque bluff overlooking the ocean, but she finds that the waters of betrayal run deep.

Spiritual Awakenings
Greyfield Manor has a secret, one you do not want to discover.
Jessica, a medium, and her friend, Mindy a psychic are hired to investigate the claims of paranormal activity at the remote Greyfield Manor.
What starts off as a routine investigation into a haunted house soon becomes something unimaginable – could they really be in danger?

Childs Play
A grieving widow, a silent child, Greyfield Manor has just what it needs to complete a centuries old curse.

Crossing Over
In a remote haunted manor, The Soul Taker is hungry, can Angie prevent him from Crossing Over?

Scroll up to and read now to find out if anyone can escape the spirits within Greyfield Manor.

The Haunted Gallery
Harry Ainsley has had a difficult year. His grandfather passed to Alzheimer’s disease. His girlfriend dumped him and his business, the Madison Art Gallery, is on the decline. Harry consoles himself by displaying some of his grandfather’s artwork.
Only, something strange is happening. His night shift security guards disappear—straight up vanish—and leave no clue behind.
Detective investigator Gavin Jones suspects Harry, and, in a desperate ploy to prove his innocence, Harry agrees to stake out the gallery with Gavin.

What they find will change both their lives, that is if they survive the night…

Grab this great value box set for FREE with Kindle Unlimited or just 0.99 for a limited time.

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