Banshee Series Books 1 - 6: Scary Supernatural Horror with Monsters / Sara Clancy, Scare Street

When Benton dreams, people die…

Benton Bertrand is a banshee, cursed with the ability to sense death. Every time he sleeps, he becomes a trapped passenger within a murderer’s skin: able to hear, see, and feel every part of their kill. No matter how hard he tries, it always ends the same way – with death.

This collection contains all six books from Sara Clancy’s best-selling Banshee series:

Midnight Screams (Book 1): After ten years of constantly relocating, Benton’s family decides to settle in Fort Wayward, Alberta. But things change when he discovers why death follows him, why monsters draw close, and why he always wakes up screaming…

Whispering Graves (Book 2): Benton’s world unravels again when he encounters a new monster that kills by whispering its victim’s name. He needs to save the residents of Fort Wayward while preventing this evil from whispering him straight to his grave.

Shattered Dreams (Book 3): Benton travels to a sleep center, in a desperate attempt to organize his thoughts. But a violent storm of demonic forces forms, with its eyes set on Fort Wayward. Benton needs to warn the unsuspecting town before demons claim every single soul.

Rotting Souls (Book 4): Recovering from their last ordeal, Benton and Nicole discover that ghosts from their past are stalking a young girl. As they struggle to save the girl’s life, Nicole confronts her lack of remorse for having been responsible for the death of one of the vengeful spirits.

Weeping Moon (Book 5): Benton and Nicole travel to the Fort Wayward tribal festival to seek help regarding his terrifying abilities. They soon discover a monster that uses the cries of an infant to lure its victim. And amid this horror, another devastating nightmare looms.

Death Veil (Book 6): A vicious spirit attacks Benton’s family, and they flee to the Siksika reservation for protection. Here, they are forced to face the past to keep evil from permanently crossing over to the land of the living.
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