ROSE O’SCARLETT and the Vengeance of CANNONFLASH JONES by J. R. Knoll

Book Cover ROSE O'SCARLETT and the Vengeance of CANNONFLASH JONES

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On the run for more than three years, Rose O’scarlett has learned to live by her wits as she eludes the guns of the Royal Navy. Relentlessly pursued by Governor Berkley, she flees in her battered ship, the Scarlett Dragon, aided by her friend and fellow pirate captain Bugs Nailhall. Desperate to elude capture and the gallows, and with her crew on the brink of mutiny, she has a chance run-in with the biggest and most feared maurader of the new world: Captain Cannonflash Jones! While she knows nothing of this massive man, womanly need is overwhelming and the danger that surrounds him draws her like a bee to honey.

However, not all is as it appears. Captain Jones is a pirate, after all, and the reward that hovers over Rose is huge and tempting. But other forces aret at work, forces she has no control over, and her daily struggle to survive and elude capture plunges her neck deep into affairs she had never thought she would become a part of.

And even as she struggles just to survive it all, she finds her heart in danger of belonging to someone else, someone who could sell her to the Crown and end her life as a pirate forever…