Forever and for Ever

Book Cover Forever and for Ever

As Soon as Raj wishes to have someone special in his life, he bumps into a beautiful, rich girl, Akriti. They fall for each other. No sooner their love story begins than villains enter in their lives.

Will Raj and Akriti be able to fight back with the villains in the story?

For some reasons, Pawan, a nasty guy becomes a big concern for Raj. Meanwhile, Raj gets drifted away from Akriti as she doesn’t want to love him anymore.

What will make Akriti stop loving Raj?

Raj struggles to lessen the growing distance between him and his love. His best chums, Chetan and Jay stand by him.

Will they be with Raj till the end?

Ultimately, Akriti takes a decision that turns this love story into very emotional and touching.

What kind of decision will she make?

The Frugal Author: Publish your book at little or no cost

The Frugal Author is full of the distilled results, the acquired knowledge and personal practice of being a successful indie author who dislikes paying out more than is absolutely necessary.

The Frugal Author generates profit from his very first books sale. In this book, he explains how he achieves that, along with insights into indie publishing and sharing his ideas of how you too can implement the same type of methods for your own books.

Book Cover The Frugal Author: Publish your book at little or no cost

Its available on Kindle.

Operation Ragnarok

Operation Ragnarok is a fantastical adventure with comedic elements about a group of gamers going through a mid-life crisis. Instead of the proverbial little red corvette, they decide to steal a Viking longship from a museum, and accidentally release an ancient evil. It’s a story of friendship, sacrifice, and unleashing Hel on Earth…

Operation Ragnarok: think Night at the Museum meets The Big Bang Theory with a touch of Stand by Me vibe. Great for those who love mythology, gaming, and geek culture, but none of these needed to enjoy this fast-paced tale. If you’ve ever rolled the dice, though, you need this book.


Its available on kindle as well as paperback.


Something new, for ALL authors

To quote that wonderful philosopher, Whinny the Pooh,

The beginning is a very good place to start“.


For me, it all started was when I was looking for a great book to read.

I finished reading the last book by my favourite author. It would be another year, maybe two before his next book became available.

This meant I needed to search for another book to read. I was even willing to stray from my usual genre to find an excellent read.

Something easier said than done.

You would think, with over 45 million books on Amazon alone, finding a story to enjoy, a book you can immerse yourself in totally, would be a pretty easy thing.

But no, it is not.

Finding and selecting a book which looks like it will meet your criteria is not a simple affair, not if you want to make as certain as possible you will enjoy reading it.

You could, of course, look through the thousands of free books on offer. But…. much of the time there are reasons books are offered for free, or heavily discounted by their authors… and not all those reasons are good.

There is the uncertain quality and content of many of the full priced eBooks. Anyway, do you really want to commit spending your hard-earned cash to buy something you do not enjoy reading or find the writer’s style is not to your taste?

It all makes choosing a ‘new to me’ author or selecting a book from a different genre a bit of a lottery.

That is when I thought there must be a better way.



That is when I had my eureka moment.

The result is Electric Eclectic Books.


‘Electric‘ because they are ebooks, digital… electric.

‘Eclectic’ for the various styles, genres and authors who write them.

All EE books are ‘Novelettes‘ as not to mislead readers they are anything other than short, sample books; introductory books to new authors and new genres.

Electric Eclectic books are written by some of the best indie authors in the world, each Electric Eclectic Novelette delivers wonderful and entertaining storytelling to a high standard.

People searching for their ‘next favourite read’ can rest assured in the knowledge that Electric Eclectic Novelettes have undergone a rigorous selection process, ensuring the stories meet our exacting standards.

This means you do not need to read through a bunch of ‘hookey’ or substandard books or spend out on a random book hoping you will enjoy its content.

With each Electric Eclectic book costing just 1.00 (dollar/euro/pound), it is a small price to pay to ensure a thoroughly entertaining read and an introduction to your next ‘new’ author.

Once you have found the right style of stories, the ones you love, you will have found your next favourite author and can start to work your way through their full-length books and novels knowing you thoroughly enjoy their writing.

Say goodbye to dealing with ‘dodgy’, inferior writes.

Download a handful of Electric Eclectic Novelettes and give yourself a literary treat.

What is more, Electric Eclectic Novelettes are easy to find.

The first way is to visit the Electric Eclectic website where all the Novelettes are shown, along with author insights and links to their personal books and pages.

The second is to go to Amazon books and type ‘Electric Eclectic books’ into the search bar. (In the USA you will need the Kindle search page.)

All over world you can view kindle books using Apps.

One Christmas: An Electric Eclectic Book
One Christmas: An Electric Eclectic Book

North to Maynard: An Electric Eclectic book
North to Maynard: An Electric Eclectic book

AMBERGRIS: An Electric Eclectic Book
AMBERGRIS: An Electric Eclectic Book

Old Habits: An Electric Eclectic Book
Old Habits: An Electric Eclectic Book

Three Floors Up: An Electric Eclectic book
Three Floors Up: An Electric Eclectic book

Mechanical Mike: An Electric Eclectic Book
Mechanical Mike: An Electric Eclectic Book

Miriam’s Hex: An Electric Eclectic book
Miriam's Hex: An Electric Eclectic book

Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Dark at the Top of the Stairs

Chantilly Lace: An Electric Eclectic Book

Book Cover Chantilly Lace: An Electric Eclectic Book

The Electric Eclectic Website launches on January the 18th.

In the meantime, you can see more by visiting the EE Facebook page,

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Not all books are ebooks and not all ebooks are books(paper or hardcopy).