Medical Books

A Doctor of Their Own: The History of Adolescent Medicine by Heather Munro Prescott

A Line Drawn in the Sand: Responses to the AIDS Treatment Crisis in Africa (Harvard Series on Population and Development Studies) by Phyllis J. Kanki, Richard G. Marlink M.D.

AIDS in Nigeria: A Nation on the Threshold (Harvard Series on Population and Development Studies) by

Alien Landscapes?: Interpreting Disordered Minds by Prof. Jonathan Glover

All About Arthritis by Derrick Brewerton

American Madness: The Rise and Fall of Dementia Praecox by Richard Noll

Assessing Child Survival Programs: A Test of Lot Quality Assurance Sampling in a Developing Country (Harvard Series on Population and International Health) by Joseph Valadez

Banking on the Body: The Market in Blood, Milk, and Sperm in Modern America by Kara W. Swanson

Beauty without the Breast (Women, Health, and Equity) by Felicia Marie Knaul

Benefits in Medical Care Programs by Avedis Donabedian

Between Bench and Bedside: Science, Healing, and Interleukin-2 in a Cancer Ward by Ilana L??wy

Brain Arousal and Information Theory: Neural and Genetic Mechanisms by Donald Pfaff

Cardiovascular Diseases in the United States (Vital & Health Statistics Monographs) by Iwao M. Moriyama, Dean E. Krueger, Jeremiah Stamler

Celsus: On Medicine, Vol. 1, Books 1-4 (De Medicina, Vol. 1) (Loeb Classical Library, No. 292) (Volume I) by Celsus

Celsus: On Medicine, Vol. 3 (De Medicina, Vol. 3), Books 7-8 (Loeb Classical Library, No. 336) (Volume III) by Celsus

Celsus: On Medicine, Volume II, Books 5-6 (Loeb Classical Library No. 304) by Celsus

Cerebral Dominance: The Biological Foundations by

Chinese Medicine and Healing: An Illustrated History by

Choosing Medical Care in Old Age: What Kind, How Much, When to Stop by Muriel R. Gillick

Closing the Cancer Divide: An Equity Imperative (Global Health and Equity) by

Continuing Care in a Community Hospital (Commonwealth Fund Publications) by Harold N. Willard, Stanislav V. Kasl

Cross-sectional Atlas of the Brain and DVD by Peter Ratiu, Ion-Florin Talos

Drug Addiction and Drug Policy: The Struggle to Control Dependence (Mind/Brain/Behavior Initiative) by

Epilepsy and the Family: A New Guide by Richard Lechtenberg M.D.

Eros and Illness by David B. Morris

Financing Health in Latin America, Volume 1: Household Spending and Impoverishment (Global Health and Equity) by

Fixing Medical Prices: How Physicians Are Paid by Miriam J. Laugesen

Free for All?: Lessons from the RAND Health Insurance Experiment by Joseph P. Newhouse

Galen: Method of Medicine, Volume I: Books 1-4 (Loeb Classical Library) by Galen

Galen: Method of Medicine, Volume II: Books 5-9 (Loeb Classical Library) by Galen

Galen: Method of Medicine, Volume III: Books 10-14 (Loeb Classical Library) by Galen

Galen: On the Constitution of the Art of Medicine. The Art of Medicine. A Method of Medicine to Glaucon (Loeb Classical Library) by Galen

Gender Inequalities in Health: A Swedish Perspective by

Health and Human Rights: Basic International Documents, Third Edition (Harvard Series on Health and Human Rights) by

Health Dimensions of Sex and Reproduction: The Global Burden of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV, Maternal Conditions, Perinatal Disorders, and … (The Global Burden of Disease and Injury) by

Health Professionals for a New Century: Transforming education to strengthen health systems in an interdependent world by Julio Frenk, Lincoln C. Chen

Health Services Research: Key to Health Policy by

Hearts of Wisdom: American Women Caring for Kin, 1850-1940 by Emily K. Abel

Hemispheric Asymmetry: What’s Right and What’s Left (Perspectives in Cognitive Neuroscience) by Joseph B. Hellige

Heredity and Hope: The Case for Genetic Screening by Ruth Schwartz Cowan

Hermaphrodites and the Medical Invention of Sex by Alice Domurat Dreger

Hippocrates Vol. VI (Loeb Classical Library) by Hippocrates

Hippocrates, Volume I: Ancient Medicine (Loeb Classical Library, No. 147) by Hippocrates

Hippocrates, Volume II: Prognostic (Loeb Classical Library, No. 148) by Hippocrates

Hippocrates, Volume III: On Wounds in the Head (Loeb Classical Library, No. 149) by Hippocrates

Hippocrates, Volume IV: Nature of Man (Loeb Classical Library, No. 150) by Hippocrates, Heracleitus

Hippocrates: Affections. Diseases 1. Diseases 2 (Loeb Classical Library No. 472) by Hippocrates

Hippocrates: Epidemics 2, 4-7 (Loeb Classical Library No. 477) by Hippocrates

Hippocrates: Volume VIII, Places in Man. Glands. Fleshes. Prorrhetic 1-2. Physician. Use of Liquids. Ulcers. Haemorrhoids and Fistulas (Loeb Classical Library No. 482) by Hippocrates

Hot and Bothered: Women, Medicine, and Menopause in Modern America by Judith A. Houck

How Fat Works by Philip A. Wood

Human Language and Our Reptilian Brain: The Subcortical Bases of Speech, Syntax, and Thought (Perspectives in Cognitive Neuroscience) by Philip Lieberman

Human Resources for Health: Overcoming the Crisis (Studies in Global Equity) by

Human Structure by Matt Cartmill, William L. Hylander, James Shafland

Humanitarian Crises: The Medical and Public Health Response by

In Search of Safety: Chemicals and Cancer Risk by John D. Graham, Laura Green, Marc Roberts

Invasion of the Body: Revolutions in Surgery by Nicholas L. Tilney

Jacques Lacan and the Adventure of Insight: Psychoanalysis in Contemporary Culture by Shoshana Felman

Medical/Health Books

Epilepsy (What Do I Do Now) by Carl W. Bazil, Derek J. Chong, Daniel Friedman

Heart Failure (OSH) (Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Cardiology) by Roy S. Gardner, Theresa A. McDonagh, Niki L. Walker

Integrative Environmental Medicine (Weil Integrative Medicine Library) by

Integrative Men’s Health (Weil Integrative Medicine Library) by

Integrative Pain Management (Weil Integrative Medicine Library) by

Integrative Women’s Health (Weil Integrative Medicine Library) by

Integrative Women’s Health (Weil Integrative Medicine Library) by

Late-Life Mood Disorders by

Listening for What Matters: Avoiding Contextual Errors in Health Care by Saul J. Weiner, Alan Schwartz

Managing Pain: Essentials of Diagnosis and Treatment by

Multiple Sclerosis (Oxford Care Manuals) by John Zajicek, Jenny Freeman, Bernadette Porter

Neuropathic Pain: Mechanisms, Diagnosis and Treatment by Robert H. Dworkin

Nutrition and the Cancer Patient by Egidio Del Fabbro, Eduardo Bruera, Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, Tim Bowling, Jane B. Hopkinson, Vickie E. Baracos

Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care (Oxford Medical Handbooks) by Max Watson, Caroline Lucas, Andrew Hoy, Jo Wells

Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology (Oxford Medical Handbooks) by Alan Hakim, Gavin Clunie, Inam Haq

Oxford Textbook of Medicine (Warrell, Oxford Textbook of Medicine)(3-Volume Set) by David A. Warrell, Timothy M. Cox, John D. Firth

Oxford Textbook of Spirituality in Healthcare (Oxford Textbooks in Public Health) by Mark Cobb, Christina M Puchlaski, Bruce Rumbold

Pain in Older People (Oxford Pain Management Library) by

Pediatric Psychopharmacology by

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Surgery) by Henk Giele, Oliver Cassell