How to buy Books in India?

How to buy Books in India?

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Buying books in India is easy. There are two ways Online Lots of people buy books online. Buying books online is easy. Let’s discuss the most popular ones in this category. – this is the best place to buy books online. It’s an online bookstore. Offline This is still the most popular
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Why is there discrimination in the world? People say that boys and girls are equal but their actions do not prove so Girls are still seen as a burden of a family. Why? Girls are also human beings; they also have flesh as men and red blood as men. If women were not there, who
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The Parallel Earths

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Growing up, i was told that we have nine planets in the universe. They were basically Mars, Venus Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranium, Neptune, and Pluto. Howbeit, science has appeared to have transcended that notion as claims of discovery other parallel Earths have emerged. Simply, there are possibilities that scientists, in a not too distant
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My Love for writing   ‘’Get married and get to love your spouse over time. That’s what makes marriage work!’’ Anonymous   It’s been a long walk to the literary success mark that I’ve attained as a writer. Having diligently put in all hands on deck to horn my craft in writing and summoning the
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Isn’t overpopulation a bad thing? It’s causing inequality among people sometimes. In developing and underdeveloped countries, rich people have more money than poor people; more food than poor people. Middle class people also suffer from poverty to some extent. The question is why? Why do most of the rich people have to be so boastful
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