All of Me, All of You

Book Cover All of Me, All of You

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Vanessa M. Thibeault

Two women, Emily and Anika, are both struggling as mothers and wives. A quick friendship, and deeper feelings, lead them to find comfort and communication with each other. Though each have different needs to be met, they can’t help but give into the attraction which is strong between them. When things start to turn particularly sour in Emily’s marriage, the women must make a choice: try to make their new relationship work, or  fall back into ancient expectations?

The first of seven coming in the series!


Pedal to the Metal: James Brothers Novel (The James Brothers Book 1) by Stephanie

Book Cover Pedal to the Metal: James Brothers Novel (The James Brothers Book 1)

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Five years ago a tragic accident changed Jagger s life forever. He ran from L.A. to Las Vegas, leaving his father, four brothers and former life behind. Now after his father s death he s returning to help his brothers with the family business and his former street racing reputation. On his first night back in town his path crosses with Londynn s at the races. She awakens something in him that he hasn t felt since that fateful night years ago.

Londynn Parrish may look like your typical rich girl but she s far from it. Her entire life has been prepared and handed to it but all she craves is freedom. Freedom to make her own choices and build her ow life. Even if that means leaving behind the life she knows and moving forward with one of the James brothers. Jagger is your typical bad boy with a tortured past and grew up on the wrong side of town. He s been gone for five years but he s back now and neither Londynn or Jagger can deny the pull they feel for one another.