The Legacy

Howdy all! I have a short story I’d like to share with you. It’s called The Legacy. It’s available at the following link for just 99 cents:

The story is set in the cold north and involves the death, dare I say murder? of an ancient witch. From the description:

“Hurry Reynard! It’s poor Anna. She’s fallen into the lake!”

On a frightening winter evening, three witches chase after their eldest sister Anna. Reynard the Hunter dives into the frigid waters in a vain attempt to rescue her, but the hole ices over. Anna and her would-be rescuer are gone.

Family members, including Anna’s lost son August, return home for the wake, only to find a power struggle rages among the sisters, both living and … dead? Power in this family of witches and warlocks is handed down, but if neither Beth nor August received Anna’s legacy, where did it go? Is the old witch truly dead or did she have some witchcrafty tricks up her sleeves?

I do truly hope you check it out! I have other stories available as well, and I’m getting ready to release another one in a few weeks, so stay tuned! Happy reading!


Autistic Author’s Captivating Children’s Book

Despite struggling with Aspergers, depression and anxiety, 20 year old Elizabeth Jade has produced both a readable and enjoyable children’s book which will appeal to adults too.

Akea is the story of one young husky’s journey to find her place in the world and the lone wolf who not only knows Akea’s destiny, but is willing to risk his life to help her to fulfil it.

Book Cover Akea

Available on Kindle as well as paperback

Ebba, the First Easter Hare



King Stern rules over a dark empire of hares. His brother Atta leaves. Before his love Hulde gives birth to their first child, he wants to find a field of his own, bathing in light. Every day Hulde runs to the frontier, where she stands on the lookout for Atta. But then the baby arrives, too soon.


At a rapid pace, Princess Ebba grows into a smart child. Hulde notices that this curious girl resembles Atta more and more – and that is not a gift. When they discover an abandoned bird’s nest in a rabbit cave, Ebba wants to go on a trip just like her father. But, is she as brave as him?

Book Cover Ebba, the first Easter Hare (FOUR SEASONS)


Available on Kindle as well as paperback



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Always Darkest by Jess & Keith Flaherty

Angels and demons walk among us. Good and evil are not absolutes.

An ancient prophesy sets the stage, but the players will decide the outcome.

Everybody loves a hero. Everybody loves an antihero with a heart of gold.

Nobody loves a demon.
Nobody but Mal Sinclair, though she doesn’t know it.

Ben was just looking for a vacation from Hell, but wound up finding his life’s purpose instead.

Theirs is a love that can survive to Hell and back.

One that might just save the world.

Book Cover Always Darkest (Arbitratus Trilogy)

Check out Always Darkest, the paranormal fantasy by Jess & Keith Flaherty today.

You can buy the kindle version here.


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Frede and Santa by Leen Lefebre

Book Cover Frede and Santa

Available on Kindle as well as paperback. Read it 


Leen Lefebre (1982) grew up in West Flanders, where she works at the Local Heritage Service. She threw herself early on any book that was available. Later she rolled and settled in the worldwide web. Literary, musically and sportively Leen emerged as a true explorer. She is a dreamer and a doer. In this way all of her books have arisen as well: stories for all adventurers – young and old.


In a faraway village there lives a farmer with his wife. The summer harvest has failed and winter already arrives. So, how should they feed their three sons? The idea arises to fetch wood in the northern forest. They could dry it, sell it from door to door and earn some money to buy food.

Frede knows that his parents are doing their best, but is it enough to withstand the most barren period of the year? Together with his brothers, Rhune and Folke, he wants to visit Santa and ask him for help. But, first they must travel through that extensive forest where the evil Elf King lurks.