Romeo’s Dilemma

Book Cover Romeo's Dilemma: A True Modern Love Story


(Biography and Autobiography).

What happens when a dating advice columnist (and a bit of a Romeo) falls in love with his beautiful editor? That depends on how well he treated her before it was love… Did he pursue just her? Or did he play the field, and fail to make her feel special?

In Romeo’s Dilemma, John Gavin shows you a year’s worth of his dating advice columns and weaves between them the story of the girl he truly wants to be with. And here’s the fascinating part: the columns, thought written about and for his readers, end up chronicling his pursuit of the woman he needs in his life.

As he chases her through the chapters, here’s the lesson John learns: falling in love with a girl doesn’t mean you get to keep her – no, for that you have to earn her…