Bound by Revenge: A Hot Indian Kidnap Romance / MV Kasi, P.G. Van

She is held captive and forced to marry a brutal man who terrifies her yet intrigues her...

Anika Patel led a perfect life. She had a loving family and bright career. But one phone call and an impulsive decision changed it all.

Trapped in a violent land with no rules or laws, she is bound to a brutal man who hates her due to their family’s tragic and mysterious past.

Abhay Singham is a man on a mission. He wants to end the decades-long violence and bloodshed. And if he has to marry his enemy’s daughter, so be it.

He hates his beautiful, unwanted wife who is terrified of him. And yet, each time she lay next to him or spoke to him, he is driven by a strong need to possess her.


Note: Please proceed with caution as the book contains content that is recommended for mature audiences. Bound By Revenge is a standalone romance and Book 1 of the bestselling series—The Singham Bloodlines.


—“Absolutely captivating. You can’t stop reading. A nice blend of romance, drama and suspense.”

—“Spellbinding! One of the best books I read.”

—“Hatred, revenge, bloodbaths and LOVE so intense that it knows no boundaries.”

—“Engrossing and overwhelming. You can't even guess what's gonna happen next. A definitely must read for all.”

—“Characters and story stay in your mind well after finishing reading the book.”


“Turn around and look at me.” The order was thrown in a chillingly calm tone.

Trembling and worried about the consequences, Anika slowly turned, and raised her eyes towards the man in front of her.

She felt like the air around them was sucked away, making her gasp out loud.

The man looked larger than life, and more importantly, he looked like he could easily kill her with a single blow. Under the large skylight, the man didn’t look like a murderer at first glance—far from it. He was elegantly dressed and also good-looking with perfectly chiseled features. He also appeared to be close to her age. His eyes scanned the mess she had made in the room, before he turned to look at her face dispassionately.

She expected to see anger, but there was none. He didn’t say anything for a long moment, just kept his eyes firmly locked on her face. After an indeterminate amount of time, he broke the deafening silence.

“So. You are my bride-to-be,” he stated rather than ask in a deep voice.

The word ‘bride’ broke through her trance and made adrenaline course through her body.

“I don’t want this,” she whispered, unable to work up a louder voice. She kept her eyes on his face, pleading. “Please stop this marriage.”

He didn’t respond, and neither did he react.

“I don’t want this wedding,” she repeated. “We can think of another solution. We should be able to come up with a reasonable…” her voice trailed off when she saw him compressing his lips into a thin, hard line as he began to walk towards her.

Her pulse sped up beating wildly against her throat. Her heart began to pound hard in her chest until it ached. The man stopped in front of her until he was too close for comfort. She had to raise her eyes to look at him.

Slowly and deliberately his eyes swept over her body clothed in traditional bridal attire. “Nothing and no one, including you, can stop this from happening. You will become my wife by tonight,” he vowed.

Listening to those words, her legs gave out from under her, and she collapsed on her knees.

How could she let herself be trapped in this hellhole? Because of her one impulsive decision, she was going to lose everything...


Highest rank(s):
#1 Bestseller in Contemporary Romance
#1 Bestseller in Indian Writing
#20 Bestseller in Overall Kindle Store

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