Bound by Hatred: A Passionate Love Story / M.V. Kasi

They are born enemies who hate each other. But what he hates even more is desiring her above all...

Dev Singham is a privileged son born into the wealthy and powerful Singham family. London bred and educated, he grew up to be a suave industrialist, whose dating life includes a constant string of beautiful celebrities.

Women adore him. Except for one. Sabitha Prajapati, not only hates him, but she also shows her hate in many destructive ways. She is the daughter of the man who killed Dev's mother brutally, starting the decades-long violent feud among their people.

Dev hates Sabitha, but what he hates even more is that he desires her above all.

A raw, gritty and intense love story that begins from hate...

WARNING: This is a fictional romance story that takes place in a world with no boundaries or restraints. Please proceed with caution as the book contains content recommended for mature audiences.

NOTE: Bound By Hatred is a standalone contemporary romance and Book 2 of the bestselling Romance series THE SINGHAM BLOODLINES.


—“Raw, edgy and brutally honest, the emotional play in this book shook me to my core...”

—“I yearn to read Dev and Sabitha’s story every now and then. It must be at least half a dozen times that I have visited them in the last four months. I love them both.

—“Loved the book!! Awesome portrayal of characters...finished it in one go.”

—“A good read. Twists and turns in the storyline are unexpected. So the suspense remains intact till end.”

—“Riveting story. Enthralling lead characters. Truly a page-turner.”

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