Vividly Colorful

Colors swirl all around us whether it be by sight or mentality. You don’t just see colors but you can feel them, too.

People are complex because they feel. Without emotions, people are common and there’s no uniqueness about them. Without emotions, people tend to become boring and ordinary. It’s like a flower without its color; a field of blank petals holding only unity and no diversity. Or like a book without words; a library full of different covers yet nothing but blank pages on the inside instead of adventurous stories. It’s dull. Life is about feelings and living and wandering. If you don’t wander or fall astray from the crowd, then what was the point?

Book Cover Colorful Tree Vector Journal (My Daily Journal)

I Love this book.

Book Cover The Scraps Book: Notes from a Colorful Life


Book Cover The Secret Lives of Color