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Enjoy this short excerpt from the novel

Allan, I whispered. You are the man of your words.

A brief moment of silence and I spoke again.

I would come here every day to check up on you. Don t make me miss you much, okay? It s terrible! I was talking to the bulging mud like a four-year- old kid.

You don t have to come here every day. I live right in your heart, my heart told me.

Do you?


I will miss your face, Eal!

I closed my eyes and I could see him smiling.

This way, my heart spoke again, whenever you feel alone or miss me, just look at the spaces between your fingers. Remember that in these spaces, you can always see my fingers locked with yours forever.

Eal! You are making me cry, I whispered, smiling through my tears.

No! You are strong. I have faith in this. Don t disappoint me, said the quiet voice.