Step Out, Step Up
Step Out, Step Up

My Why?
My company My Silver Boots was created to affect social change through social media, books, and podcasts to help veterans and others become more resilient as they deal with transition, transformation and change.
My story of growing up as a Missouri country boy who experienced extreme adversity and later joined the military is shared to infuse hope into this nation’s veteran population. These life stories are meant to show others how to overcome challenging times and make transitions easier and positive experiences.

Sometimes we get stuck in life, but that doesn’t mean we have to remain there. If I can use simple steps to get where I want to be, so can you. My WHY for wanting to do this is simple: I want to inspire others to stay in the fight and become resilient.

Our motto is never give up, never quit, stay in the fight!
By sharing the challenging experiences I faced as a child and teenager, as well as in my adult life as a warrior and as a fighter, I am focused on teaching proper mindset. Inspiring and helping others to learn how to deal with adversity and expand to new horizons is part of my objective. I am committed and passionate about creating resources that allow veterans and their families to find their paths that propel them and their families toward their best possible future.

As you know from what we see and read in the current media, veterans face tremendous challenges on the home front. My mission is to create media that restores hope and leads you to triumphant transition, positivity and resilience. I hope you find it the secret to unlocking your future. This very book received over 263K views in less than one week as a #readtolead leadership selection by the Senior Vice President of Creative Development of HarperCollins in December of 2017.

Stay in the fight,
Mark Green
ISBN# 978-1-63183-210-9