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‘’Get married and get to love your spouse over time. That’s what makes marriage work!’’



It’s been a long walk to the literary success mark that I’ve attained as a writer. Having diligently put in all hands on deck to horn my craft in writing and summoning the courage to endure ‘’countless’’ rejections by publishers and literary agents, I can repeat the words of the Late Nelson Mandela ‘’It’s been a long walk to freedom’’


I began my writing career fully February 6, 2006. It was a hard nut to crack situation having to translate the dream of my being a writer to reality. Writing and re-writing were what characterized the build-up of my writing resume. To cut the long story short, I had endured over three hundred rejections from different literary professionals. However, despite that and not having the funds, I still expressed my love for writing all through the years


Today, I am a published author of several books; they cut across various fiction and non-fiction genres. See

You become a better writer through practice; getting to read works by your favourite writers, attending writer’s conferences and most of all, do it yourself—develop your writing style.

‘’Great books are measured in the content and manner in which they are written but not the shadings and trimmings of grammar’’


God’s Love Towards His People: A Compilation of Christian Short Stories
God's Love Towards His People: A Compilation of Christian Short Stories

A Successful Marriage
A Successful Marriage

MAYA Initiate 39: The Long Walk to Destiny
MAYA Initiate 39: The Long Walk to Destiny

The Broken Mirror
The Broken Mirror

Life in Space: (The Parallel Earth Story)
Life in Space: (The Parallel Earth Story)

Saved by His Grace: A Play and Story
Saved by His Grace: A Play and Story

The Christian Matrix: A Collection of Short Stories
The Christian Matrix: A Collection of Short Stories

7 Mistakes Christians Make And The Benediction: The “last Days” Prayers for All Christians
7 Mistakes Christians Make And The Benediction: The

One Man’s Deep Words
One Man's Deep Words

Christmas Time!
Christmas Time!

Journey to Love
Journey to Love

Advice and Writing tips from Authors

Don’t let anyone, especially yo self, stop youWightman Tim

When you love someone, tell them.When you think someone or some form of another person’s appearance looks nice, tell them.
Speak up, be social, it doesn’t cost anything to be kind.Tori Pz

Always write something, even if you don’t have any ideas or plans. Write SOMETHING down, no matter what it is. Do what you can to fight against the blank page. Practicing like this will ensure that you can write like a pro when you do have ideas.Skyler Isaac

Sure go aheadSachin Jamnik

Be careful or you’ll end up in my novel!Sonja Johansen Waters

Never Stop Exploring Yourself !Meenakshi Chugh

Do what you can stand.Marc A Terry Sr

Learn to laugh at yourself or someone will do it for you.Marc A Terry Sr

Write for yourself, you will always be your worst critic.Scott Clegg

Don’t ignore criticism, no matter how harsh.Brandon Lee Mace

Know your lines,hit your mark and don’t look at the camera…Nick Nitti

Write your story.Dennis Swan

Most pain is self-inflicted and comes from unfulfilled ‘wants’ not true needs.Eddy Canary

Every piece you write will be the best thing you’ve done. Until the next one.Jim Peters

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will eitherPatrick Carey

Shake the mustard bottle before you open it, not after.Gay Phil

No matter where you go, there you are.Ed Ireland

Always keep your standards low, you’ll never be disappointed.Mandy Waddell

Even the highest goals are obtainable when you reach for the stars.Robin Gibson

Write it now, IMMEDIATELY – Think about it tomorrowGregory Diaz

Read everything, even if you don’t like it.Because maybe the books you don’t like are actually excellent, and you can learn from them. If those books aren’t great, then you’ll know when your writing isn’t good.Vish Winchester

Smile more and frown less!Author Marilyn L. Rice

No one knows your capabilities don’t let them set your boundariesVioletta Joseph

C.S. Lewis said, “Start t the beginning, go to the end, and stop,” but I prefer in medias res: jump right into the thick of your story.Christopher Crosby Morris

Always listen to free advice. There are three good reasons to do so. First, it doesn’t cost you anything to listen. Second, it makes the person giving the advice feel good when you listen. Third – and this is most important – you never know when it just might be good advice.D.H. Rayborn

Write the story that you want to share with the world – whether that story is your own tale or one fabricated to use parallels as a lesson for those living beside you in reality.Sarah Katz

Never be put down by criticism. If you can’t take someone saying your stuff needs more work, you won’t make a good author.Thomas Wrightson

Don’t. Stop. Reading.Matty Hughes

Anything you forfeit can be reclaimed, anything you destroy can be repaired, anything but your dreams. B. Solomon

Stew, write, edit, stew, sleep, stew, edit.  Daniel Farris

Don’t underestimate the potency of flatulence based humor.  Mike McLaughlin

If you feel the writing. Write for all to SEE. Benedict Nwabuzor

Never, ever say ‘I’ll save it and more later” for a piece you started on inspiration. FINISH IT!! Yemisrach Hailemariam

It is not if you can then you will it is if you want then you can. Anirudh Pokhariyal

Writers are creators of worlds, imagineers of the impossible, inspiration to the hopeless, personal guides through darkness, and sometimes clergy to a broken spirit therefore it is a calling we cannot – and should not – ignore. Lisa Vasquez

Read Stephen King’s Memoir. Gregory S. Gold

The first draft is very much you figuring out your story, and revision is where it can come to life. Ian Smith

Outline you story thoroughly beforehand so that you won’t have to redesign it while writing. Daniel Robledo

It is the people of a story that build and carry the story. Begin with them. Paul Stephenson

Feel privileged when no one guides you. Its like seeing the light that only they can see it with their eyes. Jinit Ghelani

Don’t bother with big words. Just make it fun and easy to read. Jamshaid Baloch

No story is ever needed to be told; to need to do something is like calling it a chore. Write the story that you’re passionate about, write about something you love, something you care about. Write whatever you desire. Cherilyn Orta-Middendorf

Write a story that needs to be told. Tricia Pinfold

You can always go back to correct, let yourself finish first. Jesse Jolly

Write because you have something meaningful to say, not because you want to antagonize people. Clive Tilley

Characters should be smart. I didn’t say well educated, but smart. There’s a reason dumb people early in horror movies. Joel Macha

How To Write Better

Writing is not simple, and writing a superb story is even tougher. Magic is , the girl decided, was a one would regard what a pencil appeared like, or what color a rose was standing alone within the mountain discipline, overlooking the past she had left way back.A delicate breeze brushed previous her, pushing her brown hair in entrance of her made no effort to push it the woman’s palms were two was white with a gold other, black with a silver hurt and represented one thing terribly awful to the girl, but she still used the bottom subsequent to her feet were a violin and its some methods, the instrument was her best weapon.

Southies, Northies, younger and outdated, even little children who appeared too younger to wield anything more than a slingshot, have been all making their approach in the direction of the fireplace and smoke in center of Zaun, a pained and yet fiercefully decided expression shared on all of their faces, which may imply nothing but that they ready to combat and kill to guard all that they had.

The lawyer, now that his shopper had pleaded guilty, was confronted with the problem of concealing his personal part within the legal act, a mistake in judgment that, while it was carried out with the very best of intentions, was nonetheless a violation of his oath as an lawyer, a violation which may conceivably end in his indictment, and even a prison time period.writing tips for students

One of the crucial pretty morning almost in my dwelling mattress wakened, as my sister hani get up everyone is waiting for us…..” calling me knocking my room door as she pushed out and step in as i jumped out of claiming good morning” as we gave a loving hug as speaciality of me is my name even enimies must call me in loving manner as my identify is Hani am only 18 waiting for my outcomes after my strange degree.I hav.

You probably have nice characters, you need an ideal world for them to exist in. If it’s a fantasy world, take a leaf from JRR and simply spend a while writing concerning the locations and legends, and if it’s a real-life location learn up on it and get to really comprehend it. It is not as important a tip because the one’s above, however I believe it is essential for creating a way of place – and a way of place is what makes readers feel like they’re ‘there’.

Right here at Lifehacker, we have all the time been followers of distraction-free writing instruments—applications that block out all the other stuff in your screen and offer you a large writing area the place you may simply go at it. Some of our favorites embrace Ommwriter , Writemonkey , and Creawriter —although you possibly can all the time just flip Google Docs and Microsoft Phrase into distraction-free settings , if you happen to so select.

His backbone cracked as bent over to retrieve his things, the ache surged by way of his backbone like electrical energy by means of a wire, his faced turned sour, as the complete force of his ache reached his mind, His cry of ache was haunting, a might easily pierce the ears of any who had been unfortunate enough to listen to it,; he swung again violently as thoiufh he was having a struggle with a tormentor, but this solely made the ache unbearbly worse, and a second wave of ache blotted via his nerves as he let loose one other yell for help.

All I knew was that I needed to hurry dwelling in order to file the wanted paperwork with my country to deliver him here with me. I knew the immigration course of and I knew there was loads involved so I employed an lawyer to assist me. I might do it alone however I knew with an immigration lawyer I’d be in better arms because a lot is concerned I wanted to be sure you get it right the primary time around so that nothing would go over appeared causing any delays.

Take a look at it very carefully so that you could get extra ideas concerning the e-book. He glanced to the left to be mesmerized by the fantastic thing about the girl that stand beside him along with her hand holding out her oversized leather jacket. As an alternative, the second draft is meant for major structural adjustments and for clarifying the plot and characters of your novel or the key concepts of your non-fiction book.

How much she missed a lot she could not be joyful without seeing him in a day. The onerous stomps of my ft surrounded me as i felt it was the one factor i could hear at all. He had practice on this web site since when he is four. Alan loves to write and by no means surrender all story. Moment, I felt more feline that I’ve ever felt earlier than. The primary draft is commonly called the vomit draft” or the shitty first draft.” Don’t share it with anybody!