“Esteemed Bookes of Lawe” and the Legal Culture of Early Virginia (Early American Histories) by

?Obeah? and Other Martinican Stories (Ruth Simms Hamilton African Diaspora) by Marie-Magdeleine Carbet

A Coaching Life (Swaim-Paup-Foran Spirit of Sport Series, sponsored by James C. ?74 & Debra Parch) by Gary Blair, Rusty Burson

A Critical History of the New American Studies, 1970-1990 (Re-Mapping the Transnational: A Dartmouth Series in American Studies) by G?nter H. Lenz

A Good Girl by Johnnie Bernhard

A Grammar of Igala by Salem ?ch?la ??j??b?

A Land Apart: The Southwest and the Nation in the Twentieth Century (The Modern American West) by Flannery Burke

A Listening Wind: Native Literature from the Southeast (Native Literatures of the Americas) by

A Mexican Dream: and Other Compositions by Barbara Gonzalez Cigarroa

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