Presence in the Flesh: The Body in Medicine by Katharine Young

Private Choices and Public Health: The AIDS Epidemic in an Economic Perspective by Tomas Philipson, Richard A. Posner

Public Health and the State: Changing Views in Massachusetts. 1842-1936 by Barbara Rosenkrantz

Public Health in the Town of Boston, 1630-1822 (Harvard Historical Studies) by John B. Blake

Regulating How We Die: The Ethical, Medical, and Legal Issues Surrounding Physician-Assisted Suicide by

Risk-Benefit Analysis: Second Edition (Harvard Center for Risk Analysis) by Richard Wilson, Edmund A. C. Crouch

Saturday Is for Funerals by Unity Dow, Max Essex

Science with a Human Face: In Honor of Roger Randall Revelle by

Seeing Patients: Unconscious Bias in Health Care by Augustus A. White III

Self-Interest and Universal Health Care: Why Well-Insured Americans Should Support Coverage for Everyone by Larry Churchill

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